Tinder laid A Guide To Snapchats Secret Filters Here are the commands to unlock secret Instagramstyle filters and drawing tools. UPDATE Dec 20 Snapchat just released a new version heres our new guide. Posted on Feeling ennui start to set in on your Snapchatting Here are a few secret features in Snapchat to reinvigorate your Snaplove or at the very least impress your friends with your Snapknowledge. That IS how you impress friends right Yes Anyone A quick note Some older Android phones we tested on couldnt do these and the sepia function is Androidonly.Heres how to take your Snapgame to the next level Heres how to draw with white crayon Bam Now you can draw with white And heres how to get black crayon Black is at the bottom. Touching the rainbow and then dragging left turns your whole screen into a color pallet so theres all sorts of cool inbetween colors. Now you can become the Snapchat Picasso you were meant to be. UPDATE Dec 22 2013 A new update from Snapchat makes it so these old filters no longer work. Theres new better filters you can turn on in Settings. Here is our new guide to turn on the latest filters.

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Sexfreechat williamsport pa How To Use The Unicorn Frappuccino Filter On Snapchat Unleash Your Inner Magical Goddessnot yet anyway but very well could be in the near future. Just today I passed by the neighborhood Starbucks to see not only a line out the door of people looking to get their hands on a Unicorn Frappuccino of their own but in that crowd rainbow jackets rainbow nail art rainbow hair colors. Now Im not sure which came first did the rainbow enthusiasts go to Starbucks to get the Unicorn Frappuccino because it spoke to their already colorful disposition or are people dressing up in colors in honor of the Unicorn Frappuccino Is the icy drink changing us or did we conjure it ourselves by flexing our taste for colorsPerhaps a question that philosophers will muse about over the course of the next century. Or perhaps a viral trend that will blow over as quickly as a summer storm whos to say In the meantime while you ponder these heady thoughts head over to Snapchat because you better believe theyve got the most epic unicorn filer youve ever seen. Heres how to use itGet Into FrameKaitlyn WyldeSnapchatOnce you head to Snapchat hit reverse view and get your face into frame youre going to want to tap the very first filter option that sho

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Women horny chat line 9 of the best Facebook Stories filters that put Snapchat to shamesharesFacebook rolled out its big totallynotSnapchat feature Stories to all mobile users today. And the filters are fucking amazingWhen you take a Story photo you have a number of masks frames and effects well just call them all filtersyou can layer over your face kinda like Snapchat. Unlike Snapchat though you can layer multiple filters over each other like my new sloth friend and I did here.But which filters will bring the Snaphappy crowds to Facebook These six are my favorites.Keep in mind I couldnt find the names for some of these filters so Im taking it upon myself to name them.9. Sloth FriendAnyone who doesnt love sloths Im not sure what to do with you. Look at t

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